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The Pinnacle Tax of Jupiter Difference

All too often, the professionals you need most don’t even speak, let alone sit around the same table discussing what is the best plan for you! At Pinnacle Tax, we do things differently.

Imagine a “Complete Plan”, where all your tax planning, insurance planning, financial and estate planning needs are all addressed under one roof. Does that sound too good to be true? At Pinnacle Tax of Jupiter all new clients work with our tax professionals to compile a confidential financial profile based on their specific situation. Things such as age, income, expenses, individual needs and goals are all considered before any recommendations are made. We review their prior three years’ tax returns and map out a plan to minimize the amount of taxes paid each year.

At Pinnacle Tax, we encourage our clients to meet with us throughout the year, not just during tax season. A mid-year review and/or a year-end review could prove to be a critical planning technique and could save hundreds, or even thousands of tax dollars. We take a look at dividend income, interest income, capital gains/losses and IRA/pension distributions and show you ways to reorganize them to take advantage of all the deductions that are available. If your taxes are lowered, that is more money in your pocket. It’s not always what you make, it’s what you keep that could make the difference.

At Pinnacle Tax of Jupiter we look at the entire picture – taxes, investments, retirement, insurance and estate – which allows clients to see their entire financial picture and understand how wise decisions will let them keep more of their money, provide them with a healthy and solid financial outlook and secure their families future.